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Andrew Johnson was given a choice to either cover over his dreadlocks or forfeit his chance to win the tournament; a choice no young man should have to make. (Screengrab) After a deeply disturbing.

A New Jersey high school is the center of a controversy which some say has racist undertones. Andrew Johnson, a wrestler for Buena Regional High School, was ordered to cut his dreadlocks before a.

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Buena Regional High School wrestler Andrew Johnson, who is black, had a cover over his hair, but referee Alan Maloney , who is white, said that wouldn’t do. Johnson won Wednesday’s match but appeared.

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The family of high school wrestler Andrew Johnson, who was forced to cut his hair by a referee during a match on Dec. 19, is considering legal action as a result of the incident. Per TMZ Sports,

A referee wouldn’t allow Andrew. wrestler forced to cut dreadlocks: ‘That was brutal’ The Buena Regional school board made the announcement during an emergency meeting with school board members and.

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A newly married Johnson was in the middle of his honeymoon in Hawaii when he received the news that his good friend Kevin.

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I am writing to applaud Buena Regional High School student wrestler Andrew Johnson and his parents for the dignified manner in which they are addressing the controversy surrounding the cutting of.

When he did evaluate Andrew, he failed to raise any issues with the length of his hair or the need to wear a head covering." Maloney rejected the covering that Johnson wore over his hair, and then.

Buena Regional student Andrew Johnson had his dreadlocks cut minutes before the Dec. 19 match. Johnson, who is black, had been wearing a hair covering, but Maloney, who is white, said that wouldn’t do.

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A referee at a high-school wrestling tournament wouldn’t allow Andrew Johnson to wrestle with a hair cover over his dreadlocks. Instead, he issued an ultimatum: Johnson had to either cut his hair.

However, he returned last weekend and NBC News reports, “An attorney for wrestler Andrew Johnson claims officials and referees are still giving him grief over his hair and have an ‘unrelenting.

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Andrew’s parents Charles and Rosa Johnson issued a statement through their attorney Monday. They said they were “deeply moved by the thunderous outpouring of unsolicited support.” “Wrestling has.

The Buena Regional Board of Education held an emergency meeting Wednesday to discuss the December 19 wrestling match where Andrew Johnson, 16, had to choose between cutting his hair or forfeiting his.

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Andrew Johnson, a black wrestler from Buena Regional High School in New Jersey, was told that he had to cut his dreadlocks or forfeit his match, media says. Video shows Johnson’s hair being cut.

Andrew Johnson, the New Jersey high school wrestler who had his dreadlocks cut before a match, could have salvaged the mishap by referee Alan Maloney who demanded the hair’s removal. However, the.